Travel diary part 2

Movie Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. nope, I think its cool you noticed 🙂

  2. lol i love Attack lol i probly sound weird for noticing that lol

  3. I live in Australia! Where are you going? cause I live about an hour away from Melbourne in Victoria. If you going to Victoria good because it’s really fantastic here.

  4. oh cool i think my sister got dropped off in london then she went from london to milan, Italy

  5. i live in the norht west 🙂 near liverpool. but not in liverpool.

  6. oh ok, haha thanks my sister went to england on her way to italy

    what part of england do u live in?

  7. i live in england 🙂
    have fun in austraila!

  8. do you live in australia? im going to live there for the summer with my grandparents, and i just wanted to know if its nice there haha good vid!