travel diary part 1

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  1. @OliviaV65 but now I have an LG cookie 😉

  2. @TheSmily41
    Its a nasal spray, I get blocked noes very easily, and shnozzeler is just like a pet name for it xD

  3. whats a shnozzler…

  4. I dont… I live near liverpool 😉

  5. Ha U Cute..

  6. you are gross

  7. What… that can’t be right…

  8. my school starts at 8.55 AM and normally finishes at 3.20PM but because i was going on holiday I lft early at lunchtime; 1.10pm 😉

  9. and finish

  10. what time did school start

  11. haha kwl vid 🙂 i live in England too xD

  12. i live in england 🙂
    have fun in austraila!

  13. do you live in australia? im going to live there for the summer with my grandparents, and i just wanted to know if its nice there haha good vid!