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Mar 16

London’s contactless travel revolution

People have made over 3.2 million journeys on London’s transport network by passengers bugging in and out with a mobile handsets, shows new numbers. When the 3.2 million number showcases only 3.5 percent of all contactless journey on the public transport system in London, the figure is anticipated to jump steadily up, with seven-thousand new devices being detected every week.

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Feb 15

London bus strike called off, set for talks

Two strikes called by the London bus drivers have been called off. The drivers were all set to walk out on Friday and on next Monday to protest over how the payment differs across the 18 bus companies of the city.

The Unite union looks to six a forum with all of bus firms to talk about how this could end pay disparities as well as improve their working conditions. According to reports, Transport for London told that this goes on ask the union as well as bus firms to meet individually.

The bus drivers hold a 28-hour strike just previous week regarding the same disagreement. It told that payment alters among companies could see that payments alters from £17000 to £25000 but Transport for London said aligning wages throughout the board might cost up to £100m a year. Continue reading →

Feb 15

Travel Diary | London

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Dec 14

Mastercard users get 2 days of free travel in London’s tuberail

If you are going somewhere in London this Friday via tuberail and you have a Mastercard, then you are in luck – because your journey in the tube railway would be free.

In an attempt to shake up the take-up of non-contact payments, the firm is providing free travel across the city on 14th November, Friday and on 28th November, which is again Friday.

The contract applies to Transport for the buses in London, the London Underground as well as overground along with the DLR routes, and it is available for a person with a Mastercard with NFC. There is not even any registration procedure to go through. All the customers have to do is utilize their Mastercard to execute a contactless payment, as well as the money would be refunded to their account in just 28 days. The contract covers travel between 4.30 am, Friday and 1 am the following morning; though there is a ceiling of £21.80 per day.

The credit card firm has started the Fare Free Fridays program as a new way of swaying customers to use non-contact cards rather than depending on the Oyster cards as well as paper tickets. Non-contract cards do not require to be inserted into a chip-and-pin reader. It just need to be waved across the machine. The payments are limited to £20, and it is done to limit the scope of fraud.  While the transport network in UK capital was opened up for non-contact payments earlier in September, still they account for less than 7 percent of ‘pay-as-you-go’ journeys.

Jan 14

First Class lounge of Virgin Trains

The First Class lounge of Virgin Trains at London Euston station is to get its sashay back in March this year after 7 weeks of refurbishment works, starting from 31st January, 2014. Virgin Trains at the London Euston has replied to all the feedback from people by developing new interiors as well as improved Wi-Fi connectivity, more seats and expanded food and drink place and a new business area.

London Euston First Class Lounge started its operation on 1st April 1998. This is a very popular relaxing and working place for its First Class customers. At present, this has tea and coffee facilities, complimentary Wi-Fi, plug sockets, a bar with non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, meeting room and a flat screen television and shower rooms.

During the time of refurbishments, the First Class customers will be handed a voucher which they can use at selected outlets at London Euston station. With this they can get a muffin or a pastry or a hot drink while traveling during morning. In the afternoon, the customers will be handed a bag that says – Were Sorry. It will have a fruit juice, a biscuit, a chocolate bar and a pack of crisps.

Stations Major Projects Director Richard Shotton stated that they would do everything they could to minimize the trouble to their customers when First Class lounge is closed for upgrade works. The works would be finished by March and he is sure that they would be able to appreciate the environment.

Sep 13

London voted as best city in Europe

England capital London has beaten New York as the favorite city in the world. This stat was revealed following a worldwide survey. London was also voted as the number one European city in a poll from twenty four nations.

Among the 48 cities people were supposed to judge, New York and London were the only two cities to make it to the top – 5 in each category. In the favorite city category, London was at the 2nd spot while New York was at the 1st spot.

Pen Page’s chief executive Ipsos Mori told that the citizens of the world have spoken and given a huge vote of confidence for United Kingdom and London. Together with positive signs for United Kingdom economy and after a magnificent Olympic Games in 2012, this research rechecks London as not just Europe’s most important city, but also supports Britain continuing to punch above its weight across the world.

Amid signals of a slow economic recuperation in much of Europe, there is an informal indicator which was flying high. At London City Airport, traffic volumes are up to degrees previously seen in 2008, before the economic crisis. At that time, European banks thrashed staff.

The airport that gets 2/3s of their traffic from business travelers, told that it is on route for a magnificent year, exceeding the 3.3 million people it carried in the year 2008. The passengers’ number has increased fourteen percent. In May and July, the traffic was up twenty percent and 24.4 percent respectively on the year.

Jul 13

Emirates Aviation Experience starts

The Emirates Aviation Experience, London’s newest visitor attraction, was opened officially by Tim Clark, president of Emirates Airline, and mayor Boris Johnson. Emirates Aviation Experience that cost in excess of four million pound, will take travelers on an interactive tour into the world of flight.

In a United Kingdom first, it will have 4 commercial flight simulators including two 777 aircraft and two A380s. Further attractions adds a 3D hologram of an aircraft’s internal mechanisms, a HD video wall as well as a flight deck of an A380 and full size nosecone.

Tim Clarke told that the Emirates Aviation Experience is a celebration of flight and the industry their airline serves. This is an educational resource that starts the lid on something he still find really amazing even now – how they get off the ground, how airplanes physically work and more importantly how they land on the ground.

He added that the Aviation Experience was born out of their experience, technology and sense of ambition and he is confident that it would become a magnificent attraction for both old and young for many years to come. More than the ‘Flight Simulators’ zone, Emirates Aviation Experience adds many other features which will take people on a truly interactive aviation journey.

People can look at a cross section of Rolls Royce Trent 800 engine, which is partially built in LEGO – a virtual wind tunnel app looking at how this act upon flight. It also has a touchscreen game that tells an aircraft’s turnaround process. The place will also have a food and beverage zone.

May 13

Transport for London starts contest

Application developers in United Kingdom must note this – Transport for London has started a contest and offering a prize for developers who would be able to make London public transport applications which cater to users with communication or physical barriers.

Recently, in a blog post, the Transport for London stated that for several years, mobile apps have been serving disabled people better absorb information. Now they have offered a prize of £ 5000 for an Accessible application contest will spur a increase in the number of applications of London transport that disabled people could access.

In its website, Transport for London stated that the main objective is to aim the functionality around the requirements of the passenger group. Partially sighted or blind passengers, hearing impaired or deaf passengers as well as those with motor difficulties might all get some benefit from the clever utilization of useful features, phone functions as well as good design to access their services. Old people, who see conventional information as more challenging might also benefit from a design which allows easy route planning, minimal interaction, simple navigation as well as journey guidance. They also state that the design is up to the developers.

A submitted application need not address the requirements of all the disabled passengers. For instance, the app developer might solely concentrate on designing an application for old people who see general information more challenging. Another application developer might design something solely to serve blind people navigate.

Mar 13

easyJet celebrates very first flight from England to Russia

Red Square will turn into Orange Square as easyJet relishes its very first flight from London to Moscow. Cossack dancers as well as special themed livery on A320 plane marked their 10 am departure earlier this morning. Guests and VIP’s will go to Moscow’s “Orange” Square for a photo session after flight EZY8401 touches Moscow at 6pm local time, after a 4 hour trip.

The airlines received the rights for Russian capital route in a head-to-head fight service with Virgin Atlantic of Sir Richard Branson and it will soon add Manchester flights to Moscow on 28th March.

It is easyJet’s hundredth service out of Gatwick and the company anticipates over 250000 passengers between Moscow and London in a single year. Carolyn McCall, the chief of easyJet told that this is a historic day for easyJet, not only they are launching flights between London Gatwick and Moscow but it is also the first day their shares are traded on FTSE 100. Moscow is a landmark route and one the company is very delighted to be able to serve. Russia is the world’s largest country with a growing economy.

Offering affordable and frequent flights, easyJet to plays an important role to aid trade links between the two nations. Bookings for both of the Russian routes have surpassed their expectations and they look ahead to flying hundreds of thousands of passengers in the coming months and years.

Feb 13

Indian visitors shun London

Some travel agents in India are advertising for European tours and also highlighting that the tour package does not include London. The reason behind this is to release people from the stress of getting a British visa. Tourism bosses suggested that London is losing out on around £100 million in income as wealthy Indians are now choosing to visit Switzerland or France instead of coming to United Kingdom.

This move by the tour operators came after England Prime Minister David Cameron thought to alter perceptions that United Kingdom is unwelcoming towards Indian people by telling that there is no limit of Indian students who come to study at universities in Britain.

The British Prime Minister is going to India next week to what has been called as the biggest trade delegation to leave London. One of the top priorities of David Cameron is to encourage more tourists, student, as well as business visitors to come to Britain.

A recent advertisement in a daily in Mumbai, a travel agent asked visitors to stay away their United Kingdom visa applications as of the “loss of peace of mind” involved in it.

The news paper read: ”OK, you did everything for the family’s European trip – got the passports, arranged the money, made reservations, applied for the UK visa well in time, appeared for the visa interview. But till the last minute you have no visa and no idea when you will get it. No wonder your family is mad at you.”

Some British tourism chief found that it is true that Indians are finding it difficult to get a UK visa. An European travel agent reported that twenty six percent Indian travelers, which is 100000 visitors, canceled their trips to UK because if visa problems.