Mastercard users get 2 days of free travel in London’s tuberail

If you are going somewhere in London this Friday via tuberail and you have a Mastercard, then you are in luck – because your journey in the tube railway would be free.

In an attempt to shake up the take-up of non-contact payments, the firm is providing free travel across the city on 14th November, Friday and on 28th November, which is again Friday.

The contract applies to Transport for the buses in London, the London Underground as well as overground along with the DLR routes, and it is available for a person with a Mastercard with NFC. There is not even any registration procedure to go through. All the customers have to do is utilize their Mastercard to execute a contactless payment, as well as the money would be refunded to their account in just 28 days. The contract covers travel between 4.30 am, Friday and 1 am the following morning; though there is a ceiling of £21.80 per day.

The credit card firm has started the Fare Free Fridays program as a new way of swaying customers to use non-contact cards rather than depending on the Oyster cards as well as paper tickets. Non-contract cards do not require to be inserted into a chip-and-pin reader. It just need to be waved across the machine. The payments are limited to £20, and it is done to limit the scope of fraud.  While the transport network in UK capital was opened up for non-contact payments earlier in September, still they account for less than 7 percent of ‘pay-as-you-go’ journeys.

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