London bus strike called off, set for talks

Two strikes called by the London bus drivers have been called off. The drivers were all set to walk out on Friday and on next Monday to protest over how the payment differs across the 18 bus companies of the city.

The Unite union looks to six a forum with all of bus firms to talk about how this could end pay disparities as well as improve their working conditions. According to reports, Transport for London told that this goes on ask the union as well as bus firms to meet individually.

The bus drivers hold a 28-hour strike just previous week regarding the same disagreement. It told that payment alters among companies could see that payments alters from £17000 to £25000 but Transport for London said aligning wages throughout the board might cost up to £100m a year.

Unite told that they have called off the strikes as a real act of goodwill and they asked on the companies to sit for talks at conciliatory service Acas. They have also added that if things do not go well, then they would be back with their demand again.

According to reports, Wayne King, the Regional officer, told that they have a duty to London’s 6.8 million bus passengers, to join them in collective talks to end the pay inequality and pay chaos on London’s buses. All they are asking for is a collective forum to talk about how they could end pay disparities, over a sensible timeframe.

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