Europe Video Diary

Movie Rating: 4 / five

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  1. ♥ YoruTheLazyWitch ♥

    Amazing! :D

  2. Αργυρώ Χαρμπή

    I see that you love Greece 

  3. wow. so. beautiful.

  4. this is incredible!

  5. Eva Horlacher

    beautifully made 🙂

  6. Great video, positive, sunny, inspiring! Perfect editing! I subscribe!!!=)))

  7. Sanja Marikj (minniemaus23)

    at the begginning when driving in the train and walking with that most
    beautiful red dress are my favourite parts!

  8. spindizzyfall

    Pretty girl!

  9. someones jealous

  10. I loved the whole atmosphere of the video and the music is great as well.
    So glad I discovered yours and Zanita’s blog: you are two beautiful girls!

  11. anastasiavalent

    so jealous

  12. amazing amazing amazing video! seems like you had a spectacular trip 🙂

  13. beautifully made and its inspired me to plan an european trip!

  14. your life is a dream