Apr 14

Travel Diary 1 Selous Game Reserve TZ

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Apr 14

Stobart Air set to operate in brand new paths

The Aer Arran has agreed a brand new collaboration with the largest regional airline named Flybe that would see it operate 6 brand new paths from London Southend Airport starting from June. Last week, Stobart Air was rebranded from Aer Arran. They are expected to carry around 100000 people on the brand new routes this year under 5 year contract rising to 200000 next year.

Stobart Air, as a part of the contract, would base 2 seventy two seat airplane at the London Southend Airport, where it is set to create fifty brand new jobs. The UK transport group named Stobart owns the airline’s majority shareholder.

Last Thursday, Aer Arran formally altered their name to Stobart Air. This came 3 years after the transport group accorded to invest € 2.5 million to save the business from its break down. The rebranding applies only to the company behind Aer Lingus Regional, with recently the airline extending their link with the Irish carrier to the year 2022.

At present, the airline operates five hundred and fifty planes in a week across twenty seven paths connecting United Kingdom, Ireland and France.

The passenger numbers at this airline are anticipated to hit 1.4 million this year, which is a fifty five percent rise in 4 years since the plane company started franchised operations with a partnership with Aer Lingus. According to reports, Sean Brogan told that they are very happy to have finished a deal with Flybe.

Mar 14

Nashville, Washington D.C, Wilmington, Atlanta travel diary. 18th September- 25th September

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Feb 14

Travel Diary 3

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Jan 14

First Class lounge of Virgin Trains

The First Class lounge of Virgin Trains at London Euston station is to get its sashay back in March this year after 7 weeks of refurbishment works, starting from 31st January, 2014. Virgin Trains at the London Euston has replied to all the feedback from people by developing new interiors as well as improved Wi-Fi connectivity, more seats and expanded food and drink place and a new business area.

London Euston First Class Lounge started its operation on 1st April 1998. This is a very popular relaxing and working place for its First Class customers. At present, this has tea and coffee facilities, complimentary Wi-Fi, plug sockets, a bar with non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, meeting room and a flat screen television and shower rooms.

During the time of refurbishments, the First Class customers will be handed a voucher which they can use at selected outlets at London Euston station. With this they can get a muffin or a pastry or a hot drink while traveling during morning. In the afternoon, the customers will be handed a bag that says – Were Sorry. It will have a fruit juice, a biscuit, a chocolate bar and a pack of crisps.

Stations Major Projects Director Richard Shotton stated that they would do everything they could to minimize the trouble to their customers when First Class lounge is closed for upgrade works. The works would be finished by March and he is sure that they would be able to appreciate the environment.

Jan 14


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Dec 13

Travel Diary 16 – Tuolumme Creek in Yosemite along Tioga Pass

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Nov 13

Plans for the London Britannia Airport unveiled

Designs for a brand new 6 runway international airport to the eastern part of London have been released, as city mayor Boris Johnson goes forward to take the field for the development. The program that designers say could be finished for £ 47.3 billion – would relieve congestion at the Heathrow Airport in London.

The airport would be called London Britannia Airport and this could be made within 7 years of approval. Thames Estuary Research & Development is behind the project. The group told that the island intrigue avoided the troubles of other land based airport developments, like the structure of a 3rd runway at Heathrow in London.
These include wipeout of houses, removal of bird strikes, and demolition of industrial infrastructure as well as acquisition of private land.

Bridget Rosewell, the chief executive of Thames Estuary Research & Development, told that the new London Britannia Airport concept gives London the airport it would require to back its world city status in 21st century. This also offers a solution to the challenge of incorporating expected growth in population of 2 million in the city and a facility that could be linked to the whole of the United Kingdom while both the East and West of London would each benefit from regeneration.

Rosewell added that the probable success of the new airport was breaking up people from planes, by offering passengers the profit of air travel but without noise as all aircraft departures and landing would be over the estuary, not over the residential areas.

Nov 13

Travel Diary : Wine Growing Regions of the Canton of Vaud

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Oct 13

My Travel Diary – 2013

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